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Zoom Tan Quick Links Drawer

Submit A Location

Do you have available property that would be great for a Zoom Tan location? With Zoom Tan being the fastest growing tanning salon chain in the world, we are poised to occupy more new commercial real estate than all other chains combined and we want to be in your location.

What is Zoom Tan?

Zoom Tan is a fast growing chain of corporately owned, high end tanning salons. Landlords benefit from our high foot traffic, a predominantly female client base and locations backed by an experienced support staff.

Non-Traditional Locations

With our flexible floor plans, almost any site could become a Zoom Tan salon. We are in many non-traditional sites nationwide. Click to enlarge the floorplan image.

Zoom Tan's Growth Plans

Zoom Tan is engaged in an aggressive growth plan and is constantly seeking new locations. Please contact Christina Holden at if you think Zoom Tan would be a good fit for your center!

What We're Looking For

Zoom Tan is interested in securing prime locations in your area right now! The Zoom Tan chain is expanding, and there is high demand for suitable sites worldwide. Our flexible floor plans mean we can locate a store within almost any facility that you may have. It is in our best interest, as well as yours, that once a site is filled with a Zoom Tan store that it remains a Zoom Tan store. To submit a site for consideration, or if you have any questions, contact us today!

Leasing Process

All real estate selections for Zoom Tan begin with a proposal to a local Director of Real Estate. To have information forwarded to a Director of Real Estate in your area, submit a location online. The initial draft of the lease for desired locations is sent to a representative of Zoom Tan for review. Zoom Tan negotiates provisions with the landlord and arrives at a lease that meets both the landlord's and the tenant's needs.